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Buy some $TIME for our future generations

Rainforests are disappearing.  Animals are dying. Oceans are polluted with plastics.  Ice caps are melting.  The planet is dying.  Who’s to blame? Humans.

Madagascar is a new crypto currency, on the Binance Smart Chain.  Our focus is helping to save the planet and its inhabitants.

We are a community charity token, giving our holders a voice that will be heard.

Join us, buy some $TIME, and help make a difference.

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Our Goals


Forests cover 30% of the Earth's land. It's estimated in 100 years, there will be no rainforests left.

One and a half acres of forest are cut down EVERY SECOND.

We are going to plant at least, 1 million trees, to counter-balance this.

Trees Planted

We aim to plant 1,000,000 trees

Ocean Pollution

Eight million metric tons: That’s how much plastic we dump into the oceans each year.

There’s so much junk at sea, the debris has formed giant garbage patches. There are five of them around the world, and the largest — the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — includes an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of trash and covers an area twice the size of Texas.

We will be donating funds to existing charities that help with clean up operations

Ocean Charity Target

Our first Charity donation will be $30,000

Global Warming

There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point in the last 800,000 years.

Global warming puts coral reefs in danger.

When it comes to sea ice, 95% of the oldest and thickest ice in the Arctic is already gone. We will be donating funds to existing charities that help with combatting global warming

Global Warming Charity Target

Our first Charity donation will be $30,000


99.9% of all species that have existed on Earth, are now extinct

Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours

By partnering up with Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres, as well as other organisation, we aim to provide critical funding to these efforts, to help conserve, what little wildlife we have left.

Animal Rescues

Provide the medical fees for animals. Target: 500 animals

Charity Wallet

Marketing Wallet

Burn Wallet


White Paper

View our White Paper, and see what we have planned for the future. (Coming soon)


Our main focus is charity driven, to help save the planet. This includes Land, Sea and Air!

Our Planet, YOUR Planet

The planet is dying at an alarming rate, and humans are to blame. The time to act is now. Working together as a community, we will do our part in the saving the planet and it's inhabitants, whilst buying more $TIME on the planet for our younger generations.

Tokenomics (Tax)

2% Charity
2% Reflections (HODL and gain!)
2% Liquidity (Locked!)
2% Marketing
2% Team

Token Distribution

After presale, this is how tokens will be distributed...

50% Sold in Presale
30% For public sale
15% Future burns (Multi-Sig wallet)
2.5% Staff Wallet (Salary, expenses)
2.5% Airdrops (Community rewards!)

We are transparent

Transparency will play a huge part in our project. All official wallet's are Multi-Signature, that require the majority vote to successfully carry out a transaction.
All transactions will be publicly logged, so you can see exactly what goes where.

How to buy

About Madagascar

Madagascar is a new crypto currency, on the Binance Smart Chain, aiming to ease the processes of financing for existing charitable organisations that are helping our planet, whilst also executing our own efforts (such as planting 1,000,000 trees) .

Starting with Madagascar’s actual island massive deforestations, to help make our oceans plastic free, protection of endangered animals and many more.

Our focus is to help save the planet and its inhabitants because this is what we got. No space shuttle nor new planet, can replace the mighty beauty of our beloved Earth, and all of its inhabitants.

How to buy (Videos coming soon)